Preview Server Guide


What is the Test Server?

You’ve likely heard of players talking about checking out new not-yet-released game updates on the Test Server, or sometimes called either the Preview Server or the Preview Shard. Basically, Devs created an alternative server where they could pre-release future content for players to test out and explore, and give feedback on so the Devs can make future content as smooth and desirable as possible.

A lot of players log onto the test server and ask common questions like ‘Do I really have to level a new character to 20?” “Do I really have to grind for all the new gear just to test it out?” “How come that guy has a maxed character with good enchantments and mounts and I have nothing?” “Do guilds even exist on the Test Server?” – Well, I’ve got all the answers to the test server. Most of them anyway.

How To Transfer Your Character From The “Live Server” To The “Test Server”

When using the Test Server you can actually use your character from the Live Server (the server you play on) on the Test Server. So, how do you get your character there in the first place?

First things first, you’re going to want to head to Arc Games and request a server transfer. You can click here to get to that page (you’ll likely be required to log in). I do want to note ahead of time that this does not affect anything on the Live Server. When “transferring” your character, you’re actually just making a copy of it, not literally transferring it.

So, once you log in, you’ll be taken to a page much like the one shown in the image below. You’ll want to select your character you wish to Transfer, mine being Enyo – and then also selecting “NeverwinterPreview (Mimic)”. After that, click Copy and your character should be transferred over to the test server within 1-2 minutes.

You may or may not see an option for a server called Owlbear… ignore that. 

So now, we’ve transferred our Character, how do we log on to the test server now? Well, it’s basically like logging on normally. You’ll want to open your Cryptic Game Launcher (at least thats what its called on my PC), log in as usual. The difference being, once you log in, you’ll want to click on the button towards the bottom that says “NeverwinterPreview” beside where it says ‘Shard:’. From there it will patch as shown in the image below, and you can hit “Play” once its done just like you would with the Live Server.

Fun Facts:

  • You can be logged into the Test Server & Live Server at the same time on the same account!
  • You can make several copies of a single character.

So from there, your game loads and you’re taken to your character selection screen, and you can log on! Pretty easy and straight forward in reality.

Knowing The “Cheats” Of The Test Server

The Test Server holds to many cheats that typically aren’t available on the Live Server. This varies from Devs giving you free Legendary Mounts to DEBUG Vendors offering everything of your wildest dreams.

Debug Vendors – Basically, DEBUG Vendors give you free stuff, to help you progress as quickly and easy as possible through new Mod releases. Below for example is a screenshot of both the Bryn Shander / Storm Kings Thunder Debug Vendor, and also the Stronghold Debug Vendor. You can collect as much as you want for free – seriously, for free. Most Campaign Areas have these, it’s just a matter of looking for them – extremely useful though. Typically they’re located in the “Heart” of the map – usually a campfire / near the travel gate. 

Getting Good Gear & Enchantments Trick – I mentioned earlier that you can transfer multiple copies of your Character to the test server. This includes all its gear, enchantments, AD, gold, and more.

If you copy for example, let’s say a character with a stack of x99 Preservation Wards – and you copy it 5 times in a row onto the Test Server. Throw each stack into the shared guild bank, and now you have 5 x99 Stacks of Pres Wards. You had 100, but now you have 500.

This applies to enchantments as well which don’t bind to your character. Using this to stack things like Reagents, Refinement, Enchantments, Enchanted Keys & other worthy things can stack up on the test server, making it easy to max out your character there, find the perfect build that works for you, and even practice running new content you maybe weren’t strong enough to handle before. 

While I don’t entirely recommend this – you can also ask any Endgamers you stumble across for free stuff and they will likely give it to you. They can make multiple copies themselves easily, so it doesn’t hurt them at all to hand out free Mythic Enchantments to players who don’t have them yet. Personally, I do this all the time in the test server. “Oh, you want to test out a Mythic Movement Speed Enchantment? Sure thing bro” – I do it on the daily. I’m not saying to nag people or beg for stuff, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. 

For an example, this is just some of my hoard of things in the Test Server (these are now outdated items but these were amazing stuff at the time I wrote this guide):

Wondrous Bazaar – The Wondrous Bazaar has much to offer for a mere 1 Copper per item. It offers again DEBUF stuff, campaign completions and even Masterwork cheats – so well worth checking this out without doubt! (Ignore the Enchantments, those are no longer available)

Finding Devs – Finding a Dev on the game is great. They can answer all your questions, give you tips, insight information, and even free stuff – and when I say free stuff, I mean super awesome free stuff. For example, a couple weeks ago I got a free Legendary Mount from a Dev just because I asked for one jokingly. How sick is that?

Joining A Guild – Chronic Legion currently has it’s own guild on the Private Server, please contact Enyo(@Yopuko) if you’d like an invite to it.