The Basics

Marauders is an Alliance-Wide Event that takes place within a Guild’s Stronghold Instance. It’s extremely easy to participate and follow the routine of the event, and any level or item level is able to partake in this Event, and earn the same rewards.

The key thing is to stay at the East Gate, and to not wander off to the South or North Gates. This makes the Event take much longer, with no increase in rewards. The East Gate is located at the front of the castle. 

See, Marauders in technicality, requires you to defend all Gates. However, defending all gates requires number, coordination, and more time spent completing the raid – all for the exact same rewards. This is why guilds generally only focus all numbers at the East Gate, for the quickest completion and easiest coordination. 

At the East Gate, players must defend the loot supplied by some Dwarves of whom were being followed by bandits. To defend the loot, you simply kill every enemy in sight. They spawn from 3 portals, all within view of the loot – follow the crowd, and just kill everything.

Why You Should Participate

  • The Event is quick, 10-15 minutes at max.
  • It is newbie-friendly. All levels and item levels are able to partake.
  • This Event provides Influence once a week per character. Influence is a vital resource to Stronghold & Boon Construction. 

Chronic Legion’s Hosting Times

  • 10:30 PM EST (Daily)
  • Spontaneously during Weekends for our European/Asian Players