Guild Marks


Guild Marks are often abbreviated in the game chat to “GM”. Guild Marks are an in-game currency obtained by donating any of the following to a Guild’s Coffer:

  • Heroic Shards of Power (Heroic Encounter / Chests of Power)
  • Adventurer’s Shards of Power (Stronghold Quests / Chests of Power)
  • Dungeoneer’s Shards of Power (Stronghold Quests / Chests of Power)
  • Conqueror’s Shards of Power (Stronghold Quests / Chests of Power / PvP)
  • Wood / Stone / Metal / Food (Vouchers)
  • Labor (Profession Assets & Resources / Vouchers)
  • Gold (Gold Currency / Profession Crates)
  • Glory (PvP Currency)
  • Gems (Refinement / Insignias / Profession Crates)
  • Surplus Equipment (Gear / Profession Crates)
  • Astral Diamonds (Astral Diamond Currency / Profession Crates)
  • Treasures of Tyranny (Tyranny of Dragons Campaign / Vouchers)
  • Frozen Treasures (Icewind Dale Campaign / Vouchers)
  • Fey Trinkets (Sharandar Campaign / Vouchers)
  • Dark Gifts (Dread Ring Campaign / Vouchers)
  • Influence (Stronghold Heroics / Marauders / Boon Structure Weeklies / Vouchers)


Guild Marks can be spent at any of the following NPCs & Locations. Screenshot of Locations provided at the bottom of the page.


Chef (The Barmaid)

The Chef, titled in-game the “The Barmaid” sells various Food Buffs you can use to optimize your stats and potential in combat. The Buffs themselves are relatively cheap, depending on the Tier you buy. They vary in price from 30 GM to 350 GM. 

If your Guild Hall is not a high enough Guild Hall & Marketplace Level, you can always buy them from a neighbouring Guild in your Alliance that is a high enough level.

Each “Food Type” comes paired with a stat. It’s recommended to just buy the Tier 5 Buffs – they only cost 350 GM / 1 Food Item, so they are very affordable and give the best stats. Here is a list of the Tier 5 Foods, with what stat(s) they give:

  • Honey Bread – 5000 Max Hit Points / 1000 Defence
  • Prime Rib – 5000 Max Hit Points / 1000 Power
  • Seared Tuna – 5000 Max Hit Points / 1000 Critical Strike
  • Ratatouille – 5000 Max Hit Points / 1000 Recovery
  • Sambocade – 5000 Max Hit Points / 1000 Movement
  • Chocolate – 5000 Max Hit Points / 1000 Regeneration
  • Zurek – 5000 Max Hit Points / +2 Everfrost Damage


The General Store (Explorer’s Cases)

The General Store is an NPC that is exactly as it sounds – a general store. He sells everything from Potions, Injury Kits, Utility Kits, Identification and Teleport Scrolls, Guild Hall Décor, and most importantly – Explorer’s Cases. 

  • Potions, Injury Kits, and Utility Kits are bought with Gold only. 
  • Identification & Teleportation Scrolls are bought with Astral Diamonds only.
  • Guild Hall Décor is a waste of Guild Marks and strongly advised against.

What are Explorer’s Cases exactly? Explorer’s Cases are an item you buy from the General Store, found under the Scrolls tab. They 

What do they do? They allow you to gather certain Profession (Masterwork) Resources that sell for high Astral Diamonds on the Auction House. Explorer’s Cases are a good secondary or even primary source of income. They are best to save and then use during x2 Profession Resources & XP Events.

How to use them:

  1. Purchase an Explorer’s Case. Be sure to purchase an area you are able to access.
  2. Double Click on the Explorer’s Case and accept the quest offered.
  3. Venture to all pinned locations; Gather untapped resources. 
  4. Earn 1-4 Resources per Location
  5. Once you’ve collected from all locations; the quest finishes and the Explorer’s Case (Chart) is consumed. 


Temporary Vendors (Millabout Market)

The Millabout Market is located to the back of every Stronghold. They sell Profession Resources – both basic resources and more complex/valuable resources for the Masterwork/Mastercraft Professions. 

These Vendors do come at a cost, and only visit for 7 days at a time. Thus, not every guild – especially not lower level guilds – will feature these in their Strongholds, though you can purchase items from a Vendor in a neighbouring Guild’s Stronghold through your Alliance. 

Temporary Vendors are used mainly for 2 things:

  • Buying Resources to sell for Gold (Dark Clovers, Moonsea Salt, etc.)
  • Buying Resources to sell for Astral Diamonds via the Auction House
  • Buying & using Resources for Masterwork Professions


The Gemmonger 

The Gemmonger sells various Overload Enchantments for both PvE and PvP.

Overload Enchantments are a type of Enchantment that can be inserted into an Overload Slot. These Enchantments decay over the time it’s in use during Combat. Eventually, the timer runs out, and the Enchantment vanishes, therefore needing replaced. 

  • Mark of the (x) Slayer – Increases your Damage by 5% versus (x) type foes.
  • Mark of the (x) Ward – Any (x) type foes damage you with a 10% Damage Reduction.
  • Mark of the Drain – Slayer/Ward Type Overload Enchantments designed for PvP.


Mysterious Merchant

Often called the “MM”, the Mysterious Merchant is a Temporary Vendor / Structure that visits your Stronghold for 7 Days total at the cost of a small fee. She is located at the very back of the Stronghold’s Castle.

She sells various Guild Hall Décor and Armory – though her wares are random, and ever-changing. While the Décor is far from worth investing; most of the Armory harbors unique transmutes and appearances that often interest players. The Armor is outdated though and mostly not recommended for use.

To view the Mysterious Merchant’s various wares, click here.


Armorer (The Outfitter)

The Armorer, also referred to as ‘The Outfitter’ is an NPC who sells various PvE & PvP Gear for the cost of Guild Marks. While most of the gear is by now far outdated and not good to use anymore, some players will still buy the gear for the sake of unique Transmutes. 

  • Company Gear costs 4000 GM per piece; 6000 GM for the chest piece.
  • Dragonflight Gear (PvE) costs 8000 GM per piece; 12’000 GM for the chest piece.
  •  Lionsmane Gear (PvP) costs 8000 GM per piece; 12’000 GM for the chest piece.