About The Coffer


The Stronghold 

  • Every guild has their own unique Stronghold instance.
  • Only Guild and Alliance members may enter.
  • Characters of any level can enter, but characters below Lv 20 are raised to Lv 20.
  • Each guild’s stronghold starts with a Lv 1 Guild Hall. Other structures can be built and upgraded over time by doing quests and donating to the Guild Coffer.


Guild Coffer

  • The guild coffer is located toward the back left of the Guild Hall (Castle).
  • Beside it are the guild bank, personal bank, and mailbox. 
  • The coffer is where you donate shards, vouchers, influence, and other items. 
  • All of these items are needed to rank up and obtain Guild Boons.
    • Guild Boons grant additional stats and item level.

Caution: You will see that you are able to donate campaign currencies.  Do not donate these unless you have finished the campaign. You need those currencies to finish the campaigns, and obtain the boons offered by each. 

Daily Quests & NPCs

  • The Builder
    • Located on the immediate right as you enter the Guild Hall. 
    • Offers 1-2 Daily Quests within the Stronghold Instance.  
  • The Master of Coin
    • Located on the immediate left as you enter the Guild Hall.
    • Offers x1 Daily Quest that grants x10 Adventurer Shards. 
      • Necessary in building several structures, including the Power/XP Boon.
  • The Ranger 
    • Located directly on the right side of the fountain.
    • Offers x1 Daily Quest that grants x10 Adventurer shards.
      • Necessary in building several structures, including the Power/XP Boon.
  • The Cleric
    • Located to the back-left of the fountain.
    • Offers x2 Daily Dungeon Quests.
      • 1st Quest is basic participation (Complete any Random Queue).
      • 2nd Quest is expert participation (Complete a Random: Advanced or Expert Queue).


  • Every guild needs Influence to build their Guild Hall & Guild Boons.
  • Obtaining Influence requires completion of a Stronghold Heroic Encounter.
  • Once complete, (CTRL+F) will give you your rewards. 
  • You can earn a max of 400 Influence per day from Heroic Encounters. (x5 Heroics)
  • Marauders grants 600 Influence once a week per toon.
  • Boon Plots also grant an additional Quest for Influence once per day.

Big Heroic Encounters (BHE’s / T3’s)

Difficult Heroic Encounters located within the Stronghold. 

  • Referred to as “BHEs”, “Influence Runs”, “Tier 3s” or “T3s”
  • Uniquely rewards x10 Heroic Shards for completion once every 20 hours. 
    • Necessary in building several structures, including some Boon Structures.
  • Often is ran in large groups following events such as Marauders or Dragonflight.
  • May drop Epic Gear – best to sell/salvage. Use is outdated and not recommended.


After you have completed a Campaign you still can help the guild with making items like vouchers and shards. All this items are much needed to help grow our strongholds.

  • Sharandar: Bashin’ Ordurs / Potion of the Undead / Essence of Darkness
  • Dread Ring: Vanguard / Dark Gifts Voucher
  • Icewind Dale: Frozen Treasures Voucher
  • Tyranny of Dragons: Defeating Tiamat gives you a ‘Hoard of the Dragon Queen’ that contains a Major Gem Voucher for the coffer.

Tending Structures

Tending structures is a critical part of the Guild Progression; it’s important that these structures be tended regularly.

  • Typically 5 – 7 Tending Structures located within the Stronghold.
  • Structures: Lumberyard, Farm, Quarry, Mine, Recruiter & Gemcutter.
  • These persons or structures build up their resource over 5-6 hours. 
  • Structures have max capacities depending on Structure Type & Level.
  • If Resourced exceed 1000, tending is recommended. 
    • This can be checked via Guild Management (G) > Stronghold Tab
  • Some Structures are temporary, and cost resources to build weekly. Gemcutter & Recruiter are the main ones; tending these are important.