How To Join


< Looking To Join Our Alliance? >

Welcome to the Jewel of the North Alliance!

Here in the Jewel of the North Alliance we give all prospective guilds equal consideration. To be considered to join this alliance you have to agree to our Guidelines and Rules.

If you don’t meet the 75 active accounts within the last 30 days that’s okay too as long as you are willing to reach that goal.

< Here Is What We’d Like To See >

#1 – Recruit and maintain a minimum of 10 active new accounts per month (a calendar month is from the 1st to the following 1st).

#2 – Please invite your fellow Guild Leaders, Officers and Members to our Alliance Discord. This will help all involved to make an informed decision.

#3 – Once a prospect guild is voted into the alliance they are on a 30 day trial period.

#4 – In short let’s get to know each other, grow and have fun playing a game we all love.

< Contact >

Alliance Discord :

Alliance Leader IGN : Enyo@Yopuko

Alliance Leader Discord Tag : Enyo#6835