< Guild Leaders and Officers Guidelines >

All guilds should achieve and maintain 75 active accounts. Activity consists of members active within the last 30 days. If a guild falls short of 75 active accounts for 3 consecutive months and needs help please let us know. We are here to help each other.

Promote Alliance discord as well as their guilds independent chat program.

All Guild Leaders and their Officers should have the Alliance discord. It is their responsibility to keep up with alliance postings.

Lets keep drama to a minimum. If a problem can be solved between 2 Guild Leaders, without involving the whole alliance. Please go that route first.

Alliance leaders meetings will be every 1st Saturday of the month at 4pm (13:00) EST. Meeting reminder will be posted in the alliance-leadership-quarters on the alliance discord 1 week prior. If there are no pressing issues then the monthly meeting will be adjourned till the following month. Please respond to the meeting reminder within 5 days if you have any issue so we can let everyone know if a meeting is needed or not.

All guilds have only one vote and placeholder guilds have no votes.

Meeting minutes will be posted in the alliance-leadership-quarters in discord if necessary.

< Bringing In Prospective Guilds >

1. Please invite the guild leaders to the alliance discord.

2. Please post in alliance-leadership-quarters the guilds name and any info you may have.

3. Please direct them to read what’s posted in the prospect-guilds-info channel.

4. Any guild leader may call for a vote to bring or not to bring in said guild to the alliance. Please allow 4 days after said guild was brought to discord to call for a vote so all guild leaders can get to know them.

5. Voting will take place in the alliance-leadership-quarters and will be open for 3 days (each guild has only one vote).