Alliance Rules


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1) Be Respectful – No swearing, defamatory or disrespectful comments on Discord or in Alliance chat. No discussing of strongly opinionated topics such as politics, gender, sexuality, harder drug usage, religion, and race. Please use common sense.

Your guild leader may ask you to change your character or discord name if deemed to be offensive.

2) Follow Instructions – When at another guild’s Stronghold, be respectful and follow that guild’s directives as given in Alliance chat.

3) No Trading During Events – Max 1 message every 1 hour to avoid spam, allowing to keep a focus in organizing runs or other activities. The alliance discord has a trade channel, for your convenience.

4) Tank First in Raids – When in a dungeon, let the tank go first unless otherwise. Agreed upon by the party.

5) No Rage Quitting  – Never leave a dungeon run until the end, unless it’s for an important real life situation.

6) No Gossiping – If you have a problem with another alliance member, please discuss the issue with your guildmaster first. Do not spread gossip.

7) No Asking For IL/Stats Except In New Content – We believe that the ILVL doesn’t determinate how good or skillful you are. We aren’t here to evaluate how good/bad is a member based in a number. The game is already filled with custom channels doing that and our alliance should be a safe spot for everyone who wants to play in a friendly environment.

8) No Guild Jumping – Unless a member specifically requires it due to a very specific circumstance, the player must inform both guilds leaders/officers beforehand.

9) No Poaching – No poaching of players from other guilds, if a player wants to change guilds both leaders need to be contacted and need to approve the change before it happens.