Alliance Rules

30 - S96QLnE

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  1. Guidelines – The Pirate Code Gaming Community is a family friendly, non-toxic, non-judgmental and drama free environment.
  2. Discrimination – No hate speech direct or indirect derogatory words / slurs, insults, regarding ethnic origin, race, religion, political background, age, gender identity or disability.
  3. Harassment – No Rude or offensive comments.
  4. Conflict Resolution – Reach out to an Admin or Moderator if you are being harassed. Respect each other in VC/Text channels. If you don’t like the conversation in the voice chat, move to another voice chat room or mute the person. Do not make a public post about it. Keep channels drama free. This includes belittling other users based on play style, game knowledge or gaming experience.
  5. Obscene Content – Keep posts and voice chat fun and profanity at a minimum! We do have a nsfw-not-for-kids channel, rage-room and sad-room for adult type humor. Do not post porn, sexually explicit or graphically violent material.

Please note muting or blocking Admins, Moderators or any leadership on discord is not allowed. DM Aurora Oceans directly so we can resolve the issue in a private chat before it escalates. No need for public posts.

By being a member of this server, you agree to follow the above rules and to do your best to be mindful of the channels and their uses by making sure you check the channel topic and pins before you post. For ex: the-real-world should be non game topics; other-online-games should be about other game discussions, etc.

As a team member, you play a critical role in the growth & progression of your guild’s stronghold and a responsibility to the Pirate Code Alliance. It takes member’s participation to keep our community active, thriving and engaged by:

  1. Recruiting new members on a regular basis to your guild
  2. Donating to your guild’s coffer or the alliance
  3. Being a helpful and active member in the alliance & participating in events/activities.
  4. Greet new members joining our community. It’s nice to receive a warm welcome both on discord and in game.

We want all our guilds in the Pirate Code Alliance to grow and succeed. It’s important that we all work together to continue to build this amazing community of swashbuckling pirates.

  1. Equip the latest boons by clicking C > Boons > Stronghold.
  2. Each guild have their own rules and guidelines. However, in order for our alliance to remain active, you yourself must be an active member and participant. Logging in to invoke is not an active member.
  3. Need a break, going away, vacation? Let your leader know.
  4. Please use the Alliance channel in game for chat & ask questions. That way the other guilds can see your chat and assist you. Spamming is NOT allowed. Please use common sense.
  5. Send alt requests directly into your guild leader. Alts are not allowed in other guilds within the alliance because it takes up an account space that could be used for a new member.
  6. Don’t be a freeloader. Everyone needs to help pitch in, in some capacity, to help grow your guild and the alliance. You can help by donating to your guilds coffer to grow the stronghold or join the alliance in weekly group events.
  7. If your guild becomes inactive, we have no choice but to remove you from the alliance to prevent the alliance from becoming inactive.
  8. Please discuss with your guild leader for any additional rules or guidelines pertaining to your specific guild.

Alliance Events & Expectations: All Central Standard Time unless noted.
Check our alliance-event-overview channel for days, times and event details. Updated schedule is pinned. Daily reminders are posted in alliance-events-reminders channel. It is with the expectation that all guilds in the alliance participate and host 1 influence run a week (or more if able) and one alliance event on a weekly/bi-weekly or rotation with another guild, details to be worked out with Aurora Oceans.

We offer an array of activities, events and training sessions daily/weekly/monthly. Let us know if there is an activity or event you would like to see more of. We will do our best to get it on the calendar provided we have a host to lead the event. Looking to broaden your horizons and help plan, organize or create some fun events? Join our Events Committee. For more details, reach out to Rylena or Aurora Oceans.

  1. Influence runs – Heroic encounters are run multiple times a day. You gain 10 shards of power & 400 influence per character to donate to your guild’s coffer. Be sure to read up on the #influence-guidelines for a smooth run.
  2. Marauder Runs Wednesday’s, Friday’s and Saturdays, time varies for weekly 600 influence per character and various vouchers. Use a different alt if you are joining additional marauder events, otherwise you will not receive the 600 influence.
  3. Other Events – Dragonflight, PVP, Stronghold Siege, Scavenger Hunt, Cragmire Crypt pirate hat run, Sharander Heroics, etc., day & time various. Check the alliance-events-reminders and alliance-event-overview for details.
  4. Classroom & Training – Endgame training, classroom sessions, coaching, etc., if you’ve signed up using the raid bot and can no longer make it, be sure to mark yourself as absent so we can look for another replacement. Participation is key for a successful and active alliance.
  5. Be an active member in our discord community. It takes a village and team work to keep it active, engaged and fun. A member can help by answering questions posted on discord or alliance chat.
  6. No Mic Needed. We highly recommend listening in on mechanics and strategy on more difficult dungeons. Easier to voice chat directions than typing while fighting in game. Mandatory for endgame content.
  7. We have guild channels for each of the alliance guilds, feel free to have your members join our alliance discord server.

Lastly, we’ve updated our discord to reflect our gaming community. Check out reaction-roles for addition class guides, content and info to other online games. I value our members opinions and welcome questions, suggestions and feedback. Feel free to reach out to me directly! Thank you for taking the time to read this!
– Aurora Oceans