Here is a detailed break down of all our guild rules and expectations within the game;

Legion Code – our original basis to all our rules.
1. Be respectful.
2. No begging.
3. No complaining.
5. Get to know your comrades.
6. Work together to improve team skills.
7. Relax and have fun.
8. No pity for the weak!

Expectations – these are our basic expectations.
1. Respect our Legion Code. We don’t ask for much.
2. We’re very casual, so keep casual.
3. Be active – log on regularly, participate where/when you can.
4:20! Have fun, don’t stress.
5. Donations to the coffer / bank always help but are not required.
6. Need a hand? Ask. Someone else needs a hand? Offer.

Our Inactivity Guidelines – if not followed, termination may occur.
• Anyone Lv 4-69 is subject to a 3 day inactivity limit.
  • Anyone Lv 70-79 is subject to a 5 day inactivity limit.
  • Ranks 1-2 are subject to a 7 day inactivity limit.
  • Ranks 3-4 are subject to a 14 day inactivity limit.
  • Officers (Rank 5-6) are subject to a 21 day inactivity limit. 
All members are welcome to request time away up to a maximum of 21 days.

Chat Topics & Use of Language:
1. There is no rule against swearing and cussing.
Still be considerate when choosing your words. Avoid excessive cussing.
2. Avoid using derogatory terms regarding race, gender and religion.
3. Avoid discussing strongly opinionated topics. This includes;
Politics, Gender, Sexuality, Harder Drug Usage, Religion, & Race.

Bank Policies – Bank Permissions increase with your rank.
1. Do not withdraw anything you can afford / farm yourself. 
2. Anything worth 10’000 Astral Diamonds or more, please work to return (in value).
3. The “Max Daily Withdraw” does not mean we welcome you to take (x) amount daily. 
4. If you’re caught freeloading / selling taken items consistently, termination may occur.


Alliance Etiquette & Rules

Be RespectfulNo defamatory or disrespectful comments on the Alliance’s TeamSpeak, Discord or Alliance Chat In-Game.

Follow Instructions – When at another guild’s Stronghold, be respectful and follow that guild’s directives as given in Alliance Chat or on TeamSpeak/Discord.

No Chat or Trading During Events – No discussion or trading in Alliance Chat or on TeamSpeak/Discord during a Dragonflight or Marauders.

Tank First in Raids – When in a dungeon, let the tank go first unless told otherwise.

No Rage Quitting – Never leave a dungeon run until the end, unless it’s for an important real life situation.

PvP Teamwork – When doing PVP as a group, follow the directives of the caller.

No Gossiping – If you have a problem with another Alliance Member, please discuss the issue with your Guild Leader first. Do not spread gossip.

No Asking For Item Level/Stats Except In LotMM/ToMM/TIC – Alliance members who organize a dungeon raid on Alliance chat may only request the basic Cryptic Requirements for item level, stats or gear. Exception to this rule is anything listed under “Random: Expert’s Queue”.

Family Friendly Chat – Alliance Members are not permitted to use vulgar phonetic names nor any cuss words in any Alliance Channel/Chat. Keep your chat Family Friendly.

No Poaching – No poaching of players from other guilds, if a player wants to change guilds, both leaders need to be contacted and need to approve the change before it happens.