About Us

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For information regarding rules, ranks, leadership, how to join and viewing our stronghold history, please use the header menu up above (or the quick links attached to this paragraph).

About Us
We are a guild established on the Dragon Server (PC) in the free-to-play, role-playing MMO –
Neverwinter. We were originally founded back in January of 2009 by a group of venturing mercenaries and herbalists. As we found our way through the many realms of MMOs, we settled down in Neverwinter and established Chronic Legion one last time in May of 2013.

Our Guild’s Activity
Chronic Legion typically has 10-15+ players online throughout the general afternoon and evening (EST) – though this can vary depending on the day of the week.

We’re also in a large Alliance that is Level 190+, and consists of 3000+ members.

Keep an eye out for Marauders, Dragonflight, & Influence Runs, as these are hosted by us and our fellow alliance guilds daily!

No Requirements
For our guild in particular, we don’t have any specific requirements. All players are welcome to join – new, veterans and solo-players included. We really aren’t particular since we value the person more than just their character’s progression and game experience. It’s a game and it’s meant to be fun, so we encourage everyone to do just that in their own unique ways!

No Donation or Taxes Necessary
We do not require members to donate to the coffer in order to be a member of this guild. Guild Membership is 100% free.

We encourage players to advance through their campaigns, work on their characters and  focus on their own progression, especially since we are now a fully maxed Stronghold. The players and members make the guild, so focusing on building yourselves builds the guild too.

Coffer Donations can influence how quickly or efficiently you advance through the ranks, but it is not a large considerate when rank promotions occur. All members are guaranteed to move up the ranks in time regardless of coffer donations.

We mainly use our Alliance’s Discord for communications / having fun, as the Alliance is like one big family. You can join it by clicking here and then following the provided instructions.

7 Years of Chronic Legion in Neverwinter (Video)